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About blockchain

As working with some simple and small project about blockchain I would like to share with you the workflow of my projects and help you to find out is that really that hard or it is a good career path to start with.

Smart Contract: The foundation of blockchain development

One thing that we must agree in this blog is that if you not really write a smart contract in your blockchain project,

you should still need to know the basic of it or understand about it in fundamental.


According to Wikipedia:

\”A smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol that is intended to automatically execute, control or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement.\”

One simplify version in my opinion, a smart contract is like a white paper (a code file) that have terms and conditions when you give it some input (money or anything is need) is will return you an output to confirm with everyone in the world (public) that you have qualified all its term and have a success transaction.

How blockchain work?

Well it is just simple as some statements like if/when…then, as beginning both of the parties have to predefine and confirm all the terms, conditions, explore all possible exceptions and define a framework for resolving disputes.

After that, developer will come up with a smart contract in a simplify structured by some blockchain tools such as solidity (a programing language design to develop smart contract that run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine).

Deploying a smart contract

You will have to connect to an ethereum network, having a wallet using test network and get some fake ETH from any faucet.

And then you can use many libraries to deploy it to a fake network for testing such as waffle or hardhat, etc….

I know is sound a little too simple and nonsense but you can find out later because is really have a lots of libraries and network to help you deploying your smart contract out there so I\’m not gonna spend more time about this issue. 😀


Well this is just a normal frontend using some API provided by ethereum or any other network but I will get you some key note to have a fully-functional front-end for a blockchain web-app.


In my project I using window.ethereum to get connect with metamask, and that\’s all. You may also use other providers for your wallet but this is the quickest and easiest way that I found.

Interacting with your smart-contract

Just go to here and what you need is gonna an ABI (Application Binary Interface) and your contract address that you will have after you deployed your smart contract.


Of course you will be testing a lot so you may ask will is cost your money,..

But don\’t be worried there are plenty of testnet and fake tokens that you can get from the internet.

Just look for some of it such as rinkeby, ropsten or goerli and to have fake token search for it with one more word \”faucet\”.


It is not really hard to start your journey as a blockchain developer and if you have any questions or something that I need to correct myself in this blog,

Please let me know by comment below. Thanks a lot for reading until here, hope you enjoy and see you next week!

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