PrestaShop vs Magento


As we know PrestaShop and Magento are 2 of the most popular name,

as I have experienced to develop some simple demos in this two platform

I will make a complete comparision on these two.

PrestaShop vs Magneto

Title to Compare PrestaShop Magento
Popularity Over 251,000 website users Over 180,000 website users
Pricing Free open-source license – Free open-source license
– Magento Commerce license starts at $22,000 per year
– Magento Commerce Cloud plan starts at $40,000 per year
Support Help centre, shared resources, forum, ticket
Customer support service requires payment 24/7 support for Magento Commerce users
Themes & Flexibility Flexible to customize
Nearly 3200 themes 10 themes
Built-in Featured Capable of every necessary functions for running an eCommerce store Provide more powerful features
Extensions & Modules Nearly 4000 modules Over 3000 extensions
SEO Provide the key functions to optimize SEO
Some functions might require installation of modules Extensions not required for most SEO features
Ease of Use User-friendly backend interface, difficult to install manually
One-click install available One-click install not available
Security Absolutely secure
Payment Methods Capable of supporting various payment methods
Performance & Scalability Work excellently for small to medium websites Do better when it comes to large-scale websites
Interface User-friendly Require technical skills
Commission per sale No commissions on your sales
Market place Available
Support Inventory Size Can manage up to 200 000 products and up to 500 000 with proper optimizationUp to 100 000 products Can manage up to 200 000 products and up to 500 000 with proper optimization
Compare PrestaShop & Magento

This is the table of content that I gather informations from my research on internet, below this is what my feeling and some detail I get in my opinion.

Detailed compare between PrestaShop and Magneto

1. Setup Environment


Setting up the Magento on local development is really a painful and a huge time-consuming process,

I have try many options such as deploy it on a shared server but when I do that I cannot really interacting with Magento because the document is always suggest users to use cli.

After research and find out that I need to interacting with Magento by a lot cli I decided to follow the setup of the main page and some experienced users on the internet but it is still a heavy process and after all,

the final solution for me was Magento packaged by bitnami and I finally can interacting with it through cli but I still can’t really see what exactly its does and view the folder structure.


The one-click installation is real and is very simple to setup, just follow the Presta document you can easily set it up in around 5-10mins.

I have nothing else to say on setting up the environment for PrestaShop.

2 .UI/ UX

I believe that 90% of the user gonna agree with me on this, that is the back-office of PrestaShop is much easier to use and interacting with the products, categories, etc…

In Magento I find is a little complex and the menu bar is not really user-friendly.

3. Access to Api Webservice

Both is easy to access but Magento having the swagger so it is much better to manage in this point.

4. Extensions & Modules

Both of the tools have various of plugins but Magento have more developers or you can say the popularity so if you are hesitate to create new plugins, Magento is your choice.

But for some narrow featured I think that PrestaShop is the better one because writing a new module in PrestaShop is really simple and easy to manage development.


In my view, both of the tool is so good and already have many features for your usage, let just make it simple around these questions:

  • How many products do you have? (less than 1000 => PrestaShop)
  • How many orders/ users per day do you have? (more than 500 and still growing => Magento)
  • Do you have specific payment or shipment that only available in your countries or something like that? (Presta is easier to create and manage a new Module)

That’s all! Hope you read the article until this line and I appreciate it a lot.

If you have any questions in development or still confuse in choosing the template for your work,

don’t hesitate to contact me or you can simple place a comment below!

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