Business Intelligence Services

This is the era of visual analytics at the speed of thought. A modern enterprise needs modern set of analytics – supporting big data and gain on business insights is the way to go and enhance business initiatives. We provide a simple, intuitive, and collaborative ways to visually interact with data to solve business problems. We enable interactive data visualization at any scale from billions of rows of data to real time streams in less than a second. Our innovative technology accelerates time-to-big-data-insight by removing complexities that prevent traditional BI and analytics application users put the power of big data to use. Our Big Data, BI and Analytics Services include:

ETL (Extraction, Transformation Loading-Data cleansing, Filtering, Deduplication)

Unstructured, Structure Data Handling, Data Modeling

Data Convergence, Large Data Searching

NLP (Natural Language Programming)

Machine Learning

Analytics (Insights, Visualization)

Artificial Intelligence

We offer business intelligence and analytics consulting services, specializing in Microsoft Power BI. Our creative team of Microsoft Certified analysts can help with the design and implementation of Power BI

dashboards and automated reports. Our purpose is to help all organizations create and cultivate a data culture. We do this by assisting in the creation of business intelligence and analytics tools, and through our training workshops.

• Dashboards: Dashboards are the perfect way to monitor your business and get answers quickly.

• Data Discovery: exploring and visualizing your data easy to uncover patterns, identify trends and

discover insights.

• Reporting: Your data is only actionable when it’s in the hands of the right decision-makers and proactive alerts, broadcasts and subscription reporting keep you on top of business-critical changes and give you the ability to add drill downs to your reports, this allows users to click on a specific chart section and drill down or through to a related report for more detail. Using this option, you can set up charts that drill into more detailed charts or tables, providing users with a greater level of data analysis. • Collaborative BI: You expect your Business Intelligence solution to convert data into insights. With collaborative BI you can share your valuable insights, Access your insight anywhere, Collaborate and turn data into knowledge such as adding comments to reports and you can keep track of everything that’s happening.

Tasks: Provide a clear framework for business users and data experts in your organization to connect,

collaborate and produce better business insights.

• Storyboard: Many important decisions are made in meetings. So why settle for static screenshots of

reports pasted into PowerPoint.

• Governed Platform: We deliver all the BI functionality you need via a single-integrated platform. Your BI consumers enjoy a great user experience, your data analysts feel well supported to create quality BI content, while your IT folk have all the governance features needed to ensure trust and security in your BI platform.

• Data Sources: Data is your company’s most asset. Keep it safe and security is our priority.

• Mobile BI: Explore your data and make great decisions whenever and wherever you need to with BI mobile



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