Feedback Tool

Feedback tool is a application that helps you gather customer feedback on your website. In the simple way, you just custom your form and embed it into your website by the snippet code

  • Feedback tool is a website that you can design in whatever form you wish. We provided a variety of form types that you can select. 
  • A tool helps business teams, typically customer success or customer experience create, distribute and gather feedback data in real-time. The tools also help analyze the feedback surveys and provide insights that help businesses make better customer-centric decisions.
  • Detail introduction and user-friendly interface that helps you easily create a new form. 
  • Embedded to your website with the short code.
  • The only feedback software you need to understand how your users really feel and improve your website or product experience for them.
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Design new form

Generate the interface with a variety of widget includes color, content, outlook or company logo. Access to form creator and select any field and save it to generate new form.

Manage all feedback

Easily to manage all feedback from your Customer. You can access to your profile to check all Customer's submit by view the chart.

Capture & collect

Screenshot feature that can help your Customer easy to describe any bug. Clearly view the bug via photo that provided by Customers.