B2C Order

Welcome to our B2C order website

B2C Order is a platform that helps you manage all orders to your e-commerce stores easily and efficiently.

With outstanding features, we provide a comprehensive admin page to assist you in managing and controlling your store’s income and expenses. You can track order status, manage inventory, reconcile accounts, and track store sales revenue quickly and accurately.

In addition, we also offer you a friendly and easy-to-use admin interface to help you manage all store activities quickly and conveniently. You can create orders, process orders, and track customer order status easily.

Especially, with our online order management feature, you can control all orders from different e-commerce platforms and manage them conveniently. You can also customize different web pages of your store to fit your business needs.

With our platform, you can reduce the time and effort required to manage and operate your store. Sign up today to experience our features and improve your business efficiency!

Introduce the outstanding features of B2C order

Hub system

All orders from the store system will be consolidated into the management page with detailed and complete information, allowing you to conveniently manage both offline and online orders.

Financial and accounting support

Comprehensive support for expenses including (product costs, employee salaries, infrastructure, etc.) as well as various types of documents and payment reconciliation.