Applications Management Services

Innovation is just as crucial as steady maintenance. We can assist in keeping your applications continually optimized by maintaining, enhancing, and managing the application to help increase business performance.

Application Management Service (AMS) become an answer for digital transformation in order to maximizing service quality and current system operations. AMS is a type of services which offered an integration and industrialization approach to help organizations manage their system strategically in support of their targets.

Integration consulting

Our unique approach that uses DevOps, Agile, cloud, automation and more to bring you unparalleled speed, efficiency, and productivity on an ongoing basis. With this newfound agility, you can automate and consolidate applications and vendors, helping you free up systems, costs and talent to fuel your transformation

Application Analysis

Our application analysis service works directly with business units and end users to understand business requirements in line with specific business applications. Identifying opportunities to improve productivity, deliver efficiencies and improve service quality

Application Development

We have a dedicated development team that are trained in planning, designing, and building services for the enhancement of business and productivity applications.

Application Integration

>The validation of new and changed application requirements and specifications with a focus on how this will be delivered and integrated

> This service will also include preparing and supporting the business through the implementation of new or changed applications

Benefits of AMS partnership.

Enables customers’ own personnel to focus on growing core business.

Devoted single point of contact for issues and service request.

Improve application uptime through proactive monitoring and reporting.

Constant innovation through optimizing and perfective measures.

More skilled own personnel by ongoing interaction and dialogue with system experts.

More eyes and tools to make sure that data, trends, and environments are healthy.

Support with executing ordinary daily customer tasks.

What We Offer

Monitor & analyze

Continuously monitoring system performance is essential to benchmark system operation, detect and analyze deviating patterns, and identify potential upcoming issues early.

This involves, e.g., system resources like CPU, memory, disk, database table health, job execution, SSL certificates, etc.

Prevent & avoid

Based on identified issues and/or deviations. Measures are taken to avoid potential future operational disturbances. Deviations could e.g., be logs with ominous warnings, fast-growing tables, graphs with deviating patterns, new levels of jobs in a certain state, etc.

Suggest & improve

In cooperation and with customer involvement, proactive and perfective improvements are discussed before being implemented. As a result of the monitoring and analyzing part, there are often wise and recommended measures to take to make sure obstacles are cleared early on to preserve or improve performance.


As a result of deeper insight and understanding in business operation and processes, constructive ideas of how to optimize parameters, flows, and queries are discussed with the customer, and agreed measures are implemented.

Manage & report

A monthly report covering system status and health and actions carried out is produced and presented.

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